Our adopted home of Portland, Oregon, is known above all for being two things: Rainy, and dog-friendly. In the courtyard of most cafes, you’ll find a water dish. At the counter, dog treats for $1, and outside, friendships being made in every combination of four legs and two. But our local Mexican takeaway doesn’t have a courtyard, covered or not, and so we watched one day as this poor fella was left outside in the car while his human picked up his lunch. Through the drizzle, old boy could smell the carne asada on the grill. And his owner, gone!

Joeseph Frazier captures the feeling of waiting in this composition that frames the dog’s plaintive expression in the miserable, steady rain, in juxtaposition with the bright neon of the restaurant lights. A careful use of low light and water patterns, this photograph depicts a hunger we all feel, as the dog stands in for a sort of existential longing. Here’s hoping his owner shared their scraps!