Oregon has a complex relationship with its neighbors. Portlanders, in particular, look at Seattlites sideways and Californians with particular contempt. But Oregon is also reliant on its west-coast sister states for imports, exports, tourism, extractive industries, and manufacturing. So… it’s complicated. // At Astoria, the mighty Columbia that forms much of Oregon’s northern border widens to nearly four miles, disgorging its cargo at 265,000 cubic feet per second. By comparison, your bath fills at about .003 cubic feet per second. Just 14 miles from the river mouth, the Astoria-Megler Bridge stands as the longest continuous truss bridge in North America. Built to withstand wind gusts of 150mph, the 4-mile cantilever link carries 7100 vehicles a day across state lines – rain or shine. And being so close to the coast, there is plenty of both.